Get Clients to Share Your Photography Portfolio Without Asking

How To Use Your Portfolio To Get Past Clients To Share Your Work

by | Jun 13, 2020

Too many times… when I check out someone’s photography portfolio it is unorganized. It’s frustrating. I simply just do not get why photographers don’t spend more time on them. It is literally a resume, a showcase, or even one may say a sales stand.

Your portfolio isn’t there for the clients that are going to hire you regardless of what your website looks like. You know those people that were referred by your Mom that want the discount because they know you.

Your portfolio is for people that do not know you.

So treat it like such.

When you let someone into your house do you like giving them the impression that you are messy and don’t really care about your belongings. Didn’t think so… and this holds true for your Photography Business.

Here’s a little tip to get your past clients to show you off, advertise for you, and give you instant authority for what you do. Sure, this works well if you have a good relationship with the folks you took pictures for but it really doesn’t even matter. Just provide good honest service, be a good person, and blow your clients mind when you show them the pictures you captured!

People like seeing pictures of themselves at their best… especially when it is displayed on a professional website. Imagine if your clients put something on their Facebook or any social media platform… linking back to your portfolio. What a nice word of mouth way to advertise!

A good way to give them incentive to link to your website is to give each client their own portfolio page.

This page should be separate from your main portfolio page. Your main portfolio page should showcase just your best work while this personalized portfolio page for specific clients will showcase only their pictures. This sounds harder than it really is but will become more routine once you get on a role.

I’m going to use the names Mr. and Mrs. Smith for this example

First, make a page on your website just for Mr. and Mrs. Smith or whoever it is that you just captured. You should have a link to this page and any other client’s pages you have from your main portfolio page. Along with this being a great way for your clients to show off your work it will help you keep your work organized.

This Mr. and Mrs. Smith page will showcase everything that they hired you to do. So you can have a little section for engagement pictures, wedding pictures, family portrait pictures, head shots, boudoir, or anything you do… maybe animal pictures, team pictures etc.

After you are done editing the pictures you’ve take put them in their little section on your website.

Now here’s where the fun part is… send them a text message with a link saying I made your family your very own spot on our business website and here’s the link. If you feel as though I did a good job it would mean a lot if you could just share that link your Facebook and say something nice about your experience.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Next… you should share a link to that portfolio page on your Facebook page. If you were able to get a testimonial from them… then put it the content of your post with a link back to your page.

Literally, the opportunity is endless, and the more you can do this for each one of your clients the more the dominos will fall and business will hopefully start to explode.

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