DM Standard's Journey With Pinterest

My Pinterest Traffic Journey for the DM Standard Blog

by | Jun 22, 2020

I’m taking the plunge into a new way to market for a blog. Pinterest. It’s not new for many people but for me it is… so I’m going to document my journey and the steps I’m taking to move the needle on this post.

If anyone has any suggestions please comment. My knowledge is more in the paid advertising realm but I thought this at the very least would be great to test. Hopefully Pinterest brings me lots of free traffic like many Pinterest blog posts claim.

Specifically this post: https://createandgo.com/pinterest-for-bloggers/ – The title makes a big freakin claim “Pinterest Traffic for Bloggers: How We Get 300,000+ Monthly Visits” by, the blog Create and Go. Alex and Lauren, the owners of Create and Go, have come highly recommended by a couple coaches of mine who I trust so I have started to read up on their posts.

I’m glad I did because they really know their stuff. I mean, they know how to blog – and they know way more than me about driving traffic with Pinterest. My knowledge of Pinterest is pretty much ZIP so anyone pretty much does. So why not learn from people that are crushing it?

If you haven’t yet been over to their blog and you are looking for more ways to get traffic to your website I’d recommend it. They are real. They are succeeding. They want to help.

So without further ado I’m going to start this post:

“A Pinterest Traffic Journey for the DM Standard Blog”

I’m going to try my best to document what I do, what results I’m getting, what I think is dumb, what I think is smart, and pretty much whatever I think would help your Photography business…


Starting this post a couple days late as I did the beginning part of this Pinterest situation a couple nights ago. Hopefully this won’t become the usual. Here are some of the few steps I took before I got side tracked.

  1. I created a Pinterest account and selected the professional option.
  2. I created my Profile (which took way too long for me in my opinion but I think it turned out pretty good). Probably will end up changing all of this stuff around later but whatever this will work for now.DM Standard Pinterest Profile
  3. I claimed my website… pretty easy I just pasted a code into the header of the website and pinterest seemed to like that. I wouldn’t recommend doing this on your own if you are second guessing yourself.

    • Added Open Graph meta data – I already had the Yoast SEO Plugin installed so just went to the Facebook tab on the plugin and made sure it was on the right setting.
    • Went over to the Pinterest tab – Put in the long number attached to the claiming website code I pasted in to my header from earlier.

    The next thing to do is to apply for something called “Pinterest Rich Pins” – this is where I stopped that day.


The article goes on about how Pinterest Rich Pins help boost your pin reach and engagement. Still pretty lost with this whole Pinterest thing but here we go.

Okay as I continue reading Rich Pins are becoming more clear. It is very important because I wouldn’t have a link to my website and I wouldn’t have a follow button on my posts!

That was easy… approved now what?

Time to create a Pinterest Board (what keeps the content that saves on Pinterest together).

Side note: This is pretty nice how I can just read down this blog post and go step-by-step what to do.

Oop, I guess I’m not just creating one Pinterest board the instructions say to make AT LEAST 5. Hopefully this isn’t too time consuming but we’ll see…

Making these boards is taking a while even on Canva because of course I’m taking the time to give each board a picture. Not sure if I need to be doing this but I’m having some fun with it at the moment.

Now I can’t find where to upload the board cover… 


After some trial and error on how to upload a blog cover… and asking in a group on the FB I figured it out. In order to change your board cover to something custom you need to add it as a pin AND THEN change it to your blog over. Okay.

Next step on the post is to find other people/businesses in my niche (so my category of photography marketing) to follow. I did this and now I feel good about moving on to the next step.

Now it’s time to add some pins to my boards.

I think this is a pretty important one because this is where I get to link my blog posts to Pinterest so people can find it. Pretty much the entire purpose of this thing.

Side note I only made 3 boards and the instructions said to make 5. I’ll get there… I just have 3 blog categories right now so I’m just doing 3.

Okay now to pin my blog articles to my boards.

So it say’s similar to instagram the images of my “pins” are what matter most. So this is what needs to be focused on in order to drive traffic to the website from Pinterest.

I’m going to use Canva… pretty much the tool I already use to create images. I actually seem to like it more for social media marketing because it is so easy to use AND I’m no graphic designer at all.

Pins need to be a 2:3 ratio: 600px by 900px or 1000px by 1500px. The post recommends 2 to 3 Pinterest images per blog post that I have… again seems kind of like a lot of work but hopefully this all pays off.



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